Clone Website

Introduction: What is a Clone Website?

A clone site is a website that has copied the design, layout, or content of another site. Frequently these sites are designed to look like the original in order to give best user experience. Clone websites allow you to create a new website quickly and easily by creating a copy of your existing website. By cloning your website, you make it easy for developers and designers to test compatibility and make updates without affecting your live website.

Clone sites are created for many reasons. Some companies create them as a way to increase their SEO on search engines. Others may do it because they have strong feelings about the product on the other website and want to spread their own message.

5 Basic Steps on How to Create Your Own Clone of Your Favorite Site

  1. Go to
  2. Register a free account
  3. Go to Site Copier
  4. Get HTML code of the website you want to copy
  5. Place it on Mohamedison and click SAVE (That’s it all)

How Web Designers Work with Clones for Different Purposes

You can use this feature to copy a landing page to sell any product or service without losing a lot of time creating a website from zero.

Mohamedison helps you copy almost any website with a success rate of 80%. While our competitor has less success rate.

Clones are used in web design portfolios to showcase a designer's creativity and skills. Web designers make use of different types of clones to present their work in a unique way. Website cloning can also be used by the client to fill up missing parts of the site that did not yet exist at the time.

Web designers and marketers may use cloned websites for different purposes like, to promote existing websites or to test new ideas or test a product and sell it.