Link Rotator

Our free link rotator tool which is a service available in Mohamedison dashboard is powered by advanced technology. Many companies and marketing agencies currently use it to route millions of links. In addition, it tracks several billion clicks every month. Mohamedison

The link rotator lets you split traffic to different destinations using one unique link. It is as easy as this.

Yet the benefits of using a link rotator are significant. The objective is to measure the effectiveness of sending traffic to destination A versus destination B.

You can create rotator links that send traffic to multiple landing pages and specify the amount of traffic you wish to send to each destination. Each time someone visits a link, the link rotator's server creates a random number, and chooses a destination proportionately

Why use a link rotator?

A link rotator is mainly used to test multiple offers or landing pages simultaneously.

Two different offers can be compared and counted in equal proportions and you can determine which offer had the higher revenue:

Sticky link rotators

Links rotators can occasionally be sticky. So, if a user clicks on a link twice, then they end up at the same place every time they do it.

The roulette wheel will spin only once for the visitor, and then will remain 'stuck' forever. You won't want your users to be confused by different landing pages if you send them in different directions.

To identify users, sticky link rotators use cookies. The free link rotator service knows where to send the click when it comes back by attaching a cookie to the click.

Paid link rotators

There are many link management programs include link rotators. But you can rely on us in this regard. Because, Mohamedison is one of the best link management tools on the internet. If you are looking for a reliable service, you may consider testing for free.

Link Rotators for A/B Testing

Link rotators are the best method of A/B testing when combined with conversion tracking. That you don’t find on any service, it is essential to use a service like Mohamedison that has a tracking option available this is why it is the best link rotator.