Redirect Links Feature

What is a Redirect Link? Why Do I Need One?

A redirect link is a kind of hyperlink that redirects a user from one web page to a different webpage.”

The redirect link is important because it allows visitors to stay on your site instead of going off the site to search for an alternate resource. The redirect link also allows you to connect sites that are related but not identical, such as linking from a "contact us" page to the "about us" page.

In order for a website to be indexed by search engines, content must be found and indexed by those engines. If you have multiple versions of the same domain-based content available on your site, then you will need a 301 or 302 redirect in place so that search engines can find and index all versions of your content.

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How to Set Up a 301 Redirect Link.

301 redirects are a permanent forward that tells search engines to permanently move content from one location to another. This is done without any loss of rankings and no manual action is needed on the part of the webmaster.

There are a number of 301 redirect codes but the most popular one is:



HTTP status code: 301

Different Types of Redirects & Why They Matter

301 Redirect - This type of redirect is permanent and one of the most commonly used. It doesn't require any additional action from the user other than updating the address bar.

302 Redirect - This type of redirect tells the browser to make a temporary change in web address and there is no guarantee that you will be redirected to another page or website.

303 Redirect - This type of redirect tells browsers to make a temporary change in web address and there is no guarantee that you will be redirected to another page or website, but if you are then it's only for an hour at a time.

304 Redirect - This type of redirect tells browsers that they can't access this page because it has been moved permanently, but it doesn't provide any new location for them to go.

Conclusion: The Importance of Setting up Proper URL Structure for SEO & Site Navigation

It is important to design your URL structure in a way that makes sense for both humans and search engine crawlers. This will help you with SEO, site navigation, and making it easy for users to find what they were looking for on your website.

Search engines use the content of your URL to create a link to your website on search results pages. A descriptive, keyword-rich URL helps them rank higher on SERPS.