Geoip location

What is GEO Redirect?

It is a service to redirect visitors by country, so if you have a website that has traffic from all over the world, you can send visitors of United states to a specific page and visitors from France to another page, this way you can maximize your earning because you will service more personalized experience for each visitor and also if you are working on CPA offer that accept only visitors from Brazil, you can redirect visitors from another country to other offers that suitable with their country, this way you will never lose traffic and will monetize all your traffic.

How does it work?

GEO Redirect is the automatic redirection process of a visitor to another website based on geolocation (country, state or city). It works by detecting the visitor position of their IP address corresponding to an IPS and local database.

Who else is using GeoIP location?

Almost every global company like:

- redirects the specific site of the country:

- redirection for the country's specific secondary page:

- Redirects the country's specific sub-domain:

- The list continues ...

Mohamedison can allow you to create simple redirects for your entire website or specific pages of your site.

You can also use Mohamedison on multiple sites for redirects, especially helpful if you have different country-level domains.